Monday, June 8, 2015


This project turned to be a lot more involved than I expected. I didn't expect that the filming process would be so much work, I didn't expect the interviews to be so heartfelt and articulate, and I didn't expect that I would cause so much controversy before I had even actually finished the film (I ended up on yik yak):

(The last comment on the right was my main actor, Matt)

This project also turned out differently than I expected. I originally planned for the interviews I did to compliment the mockumentary aspect, but the mockumentary really seems to take a backseat. And that's okay. All of the interviews were lovely and thoughtful. The basic premise and design didn't really change (all though it is 9 minutes long instead of my intended 7 minutes, and that is with severe editing) but I do think the emphasis shifted as I worked on this project. I think this is a development for the better.

I've also found this term that I really enjoy using silent film soundtracks for my projects (see my previous short film Cosmetics). Hopefully you like it too! I think it adds a nice rhythm and style to the film and keeps it from feeling like it's dragging on.

As De Certeau states, "I define 'belief' not as the object of believing (a dogma, a program, etc.) but as the subject's investment in a proposition, the act of saying it and considering it to be true - in other words, a 'modality' of the assertion and not its content" (178). Meninism is not really about men's rights, and it's not even really a movement, it's more about being loud. But feminism is much more about "the object of believing." Feminism, though its definition is unclear at times, as are the motives of certain people who call themselves "feminists," takes a stance and is about the content of the movement. Meninism just works to mock that content rather than generate its own.

I hope this project makes viewers feel something, whether it be frustration with the subject matter or frustration with me (though I would prefer the former). This is not intended to be a film against men, it is intended to be a film against misogyny.  I hope that my film can spark conversations that we need to be having about feminism and "meninism." Honestly, I'm a little nervous about showing this to people, but I am pleased with the way it turned out and all of the hard work I put into it.