Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lawton Hall Visit Response

Profile picture for Lawton Hall
Lawton Hall  (profile picture on vimeo)
Even though I am not actually pursuing art as a major or minor, I find listening to different Lawrence alumni talk about their experiences after graduation inspiring. The downside of that is, when I see other people successfully doing the thing they love to do, it makes me somewhat lament not pursuing certain passions of mine (theatre) here at Lawrence.

When discussing his installation piece, This Place is No Place, Lawton talked about trying to evoke nostalgia and the idea that nostalgia isn't yearning for childhood, it is yearning to go back to a place. I have read before that my generation is more prone to nostalgia ("only 90s kids will remember this" type of mentality) because technology and the digital world are developing so fast that the world changes more drastically in a shorter amount of time than it ever has before. That is why the combination of old slides and projectors with vague, old-fashioned images is so effective. It reminded me of a line De Certeau wrote about memory, "like those birds that lay their eggs only in other species' nests, memory produces in a place that does not belong to it. It receives its form and its implantation from external circumstances... memory derives its interventionary force from its very capacity to be altered - unmoored, mobile, lacking any fixed position" (86). 

 This Place is No Place by Lawton Hall

My favorite piece that Lawton played for us was the Zeke Suite he did with the band Holy Sheboygan (link below). I love how he blended so many different types of music into real songs that are woven together. The band seems like a lot of fun. I wish we'd had the chance to listen to more of it while he was visiting.

Zeke Suite by Lawton Hall - Performed by Holy Sheboygan

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  1. This concept of kids nowadays not having the same type of nostalgia as our generation is quite interesting. I'm not entirely sure if I agree with it, even though technology does affect kids' childhoods. I feel like they will still have this sense of yearning for a specific place regardless of the effects of technology.