Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Intermediate Digital Processes Project 1 Proposal

In "The Practice of Everyday Life," De Certeau discusses the relationship between "production" and "consumers" and states that consumption is "devious, it is dispersed, but it insinuates itself everywhere, silently and almost invisibility, because it does not manifest itself through its own products, but rather through its ways of using the products imposed by a dominant economic order" (xii-xiii). When thinking about mundane everyday actions combined with consumerism, I thought of putting on makeup. Putting on makeup is something that I usually do everyday and I have always had a rather love-hate relationship with it. While I know that makeup is a product of capitalism and the media trying to control women and distort their body images, I also think putting on makeup gives people confidence and control over how they look and how they present themselves. I want to explore this contradiction through an experimental video that will have someone putting on makeup with flashing images of the prices of the products and how the makeup makes them feel throughout the film. I might incorporate sound clips of interviews with people about why they wear makeup. I haven't decided on how to end it yet, but I hope an idea will come to me while working on my film.

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